well, this is me, 

for how i am created as a being,

An anatomy of victory.

You, alone, simply just cant bring me down,

my dear emotions.

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Dying emotions

The most challenging task i have ever faced in life is probably to control my emotions; to bury my wrath and impatience.

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8 words running through my head

I can,

I will,

I must,

I am.

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A game

Truth is i’m nowhere there yet.

But not going to give up right now.

Still trying to eradicate those negative signs.

Lets do what it takes.

Feeling troubled.

Seems like i need that Virgo more than ever now.

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Science & Faith

The very first album i heard so far which i love ALL the songs inside!

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Fugitive Plan B; God of Study

Finished these 2 dramas. Finally, i can guess i can really study in peace!

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Fugitive Plan B

I have forgotten to SHAVE for the 987876765654543432321 TIMES!


This show is another really good one. One of the bests in 2010.

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Shaken beliefs

Just because of her remarks last night, it made me feel so affected by it, even up to now.

Desires, where have u gone to?

I need them back.

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Favourite bands!


The Script.

Jason Reeves, one of the best songwriters.

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Have you ever wondered?

Why is an apple called apple?

Why is a car called car?

Why is your mum labeled as mother?

Why are humans called humans/men?

Why is god entitled the title of god and why is dog a dog?




And the list goes on non-stop.

Though we have so many doubts for the way we perceive things around us,

but do the answers to them even exist from the start?

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